Charles Rosier - London, UK

Photo Charles Rosier - London, UK

Charles Rosier: Life Story

Charles Rosier (Découvrir la page charlesrosier) worked at BTG Pactual Bank and built a partnership until the year 2010. His interests include studies, extreme sports, managing environmentally-friendly activities, exploring culture and many other interests. It was in the year 1996, at Lehman Brothers, when Charles Rosier began his profession before becoming the head of finance at Goldman Sachs Bank, shortly after joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank.

Charles Rosier's Environmental Projects

Innoveox spreads awareness about the effective purpose of resources and has established many pollution-free-environment programmes in order to minimise carbon footprints and carbon emissions. Economical LED lanterns were developed by MPOWERD to provide inexpensive energy solutions to poor countries. Innoveox is a French organisation devoted to promoting a pollution-free environment, supported by Charles Rosier.

Charles Rosier’s Experience

Charles Rosier set five rules (Customer Focus, Global Thinking Presence, Long Term View, Meritocracy and Partnership and World-Class Governance) at BTG Pactual. In 2009, he joined Goldman Sachs and worked as their Managing Director until the year 2010. A top investment bank that operates around the world is GMS (Goldman Sachs). He focused on public-asset management as their Managing Director. BTG Pactual is an investment bank based in Latin America, with whom Charles Rosier was a partner for years.

In 2006, Charles Rosier supported a film produced by a popular Italian screenwriter and director, which won a Silver Lion award at the prestigious Venice film festival. He has always adored culture and music. His support of artists and movies exemplifies this. Charles Rosier drastically admires the music industry, especially when it comes to singing. He admires French culture, which shows in how much he loves movies.